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Marriott Statistical Consulting Ltd
Ground Floor
21 Marlborough Buildings
Bath BA1 2LY
United Kingdom

Data Driven Answers To Classic Questions

We are a full service statistical consultancy dedicated to delivering innovative, practical & professional data driven solutions to classic questions that all businesses will ask themselves such as

"How do we analyse and predict our markets?"

"How do we measure & monitor our performance?

"How can we improve & optimise our performance?

"How do we develop new products that our customers want?"

"How can we get the most out of our research projects?"

"How can we maximise the return on our investments?"

Our services are currently offered under three headings..

Statistical Consulting

Speak to a Chartered Statistician with 20+ years experience!

Our consulting services are delivered by the company's founder, Nigel Marriott. Click on these links for more information on his experience and background as well as case studies,

Statistical Training

Improve your Statistical Thinking & Data Analysis skills!

At MSC Training we believe that those organisations who use Statistical Thinking make better decisions that those who don't. We offer a number of statistical training courses to help you do just that.

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Data Management

Spreadsheet & Database Solutions for all your data!

With MSC DataMan, you can have business information systems that store and analyse your data in the way that your users want rather than what your IT department think you want...

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