What We Do

Marriott Statistical Consulting works with people in research, intelligence, modelling, forecasting or planning roles who need to collect, measure, present, analyse and interpret data and use the results to make decisions about the present or plan for the future.   The strategic and operational awareness that we have developed in many industries means that we are able to offer both consulting services and training for teams and individuals.

Our Services cover the entire spectrum of statistics but our strengths lie in these 5 services.  Please click on a title or image to find out more.

Survey Design & Analysis   Forecasting & Risk Modelling

Whether your survey is face to face or online, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver meaningful results. Our goal is to ensure that your survey is designed to extract the maximum information from the minimum amount of data so you can make better decisions about your business.


If you are seeking to improve the way you plan and monitor your business, then our Performance Analysis & Business Planning Circle approach will result in the better forecasting & risk models you need to make this happen.

Customer Analytics   Expert Witness & Advice Services

We help you use the date you already hold about your customers to identify the key insights needed for actionable decision making using both segmentation analysis & key drivers modelling. Our focus is on your customers’ behaviour i.e. what they are doing rather than who they are.


If you are involved in a contractual dispute that touches on statistics or have need of a statistician to act as an expert witness, we would be delighted to offer our expertise. We can also advise you on how to meet the statistical demands of your regulators and to implement statistical standards specified by BSI & ISO.

Statistical Training Courses   Other Services

Have you got a member of staff or team that needs to develop their statistical thinking and data analysis skills? We can run either our standard courses or tailor-made courses based on your own data and problems on your premises.


Due to the breadth of our experience, we can undertake many other services in addition to the 5 shown here.  The list is too long to be shown here but does include Market Intelligence, SPC (Statistical Process Control), Design of Experiments, Data Management, Microsoft Excel Tools and Recruitment Consultancy for Statistical Roles.